Wapato’s Dent Repair Experts

We know how the story goes. You have been a careful driver all your life. You’ve never taken an unnecessary risk or have done anything that would endanger the safety or well-being of you, your fellow passengers or other road-users. You buy a new dream car and are super excited, but then disaster strikes. You clip a corner too closely and feel a small bump. When you go to investigate, you notice a dent on the passenger-side panel. You’re devastated, but there is no need for this incident to ruin your whole week.

The fact of the matter is that any Wapato driver will most likely experience a ding, clip or tip at some point. This is normal and to be expected. At Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC we have been assisting drivers just like you for decades. We get that any dent or damage to your vehicle can feel like the end of the world but trust us, it’s not. The expertly trained mechanics and dent repair technicians at Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC have the skill and equipment to fix even the most complicated of dents effectively. If you have noticed a dent on your car then you can have it fixed right away by calling the dent repair team you can trust.

Wapato drivers have trusted in Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC for years to have their dents repaired in an effective and affordable manner, and you should too!

Different Types of Car Dents

At Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC we fully understand that as a Wapato driver who has just noticed a dent on their car or truck, the only thing you care about is getting it fixed. However, while most drivers aren’t repair nerds like us, it doesn’t hurt to have an idea of the type of dent you are dealing with. Providing your auto repair mechanic with a quick outline of what your dent looks like will allow us to treat and repair it more quickly and effectively than normal. In general, there are three main types of dent to look out for:

Car Door Dings:

As the name suggests, car door dings generally occur when another car door hits your vehicle. In most circumstances, you will see a slight dent on the middle of your car door. For the most part, these dents are straightforward for our team to repair. However, if significant amounts of paint have been removed then it may require extra assistance.

Round Dents:

Round dents are slightly trickier to repair than car door dings. Round dents generally occur when a football or baseball hit your car when thrown from a distance. However, depending on where you live, heavy hail storms and flash flooding could also cause this type of dent to occur.

Crease-Like Dents:

Our team would openly tell you that crease dents are the hardest to remove. They are longer and more serious dents that are generally the result of an auto accident. While they are difficult to repair fully, our skilled team of dent technicians have returned numerous vehicles with creased dents to their previous best.