Unbeatable Transmission Repair in Yakima

You don’t need to be an expert on cars to know how important your transmission is. If there is a problem with your vehicle’s transmission then it’s not going to help your chances of making that school run, weekend getaway or evening commute on time. The fact of the matter is that without a fully functioning transmission, your vehicle doesn’t stand a chance. However, if you’ve noticed a problem and believe it to be related to your transmission, all is not lost.

A new transmission is costly. In fact, it can sometimes cost close to what a new car would. But there are other more cost effective ways of ensuring that your transmission is back to its very best. Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC is the leading transmission repair garage in Yakima. Our skilled team of mechanics specializes in transmission repair and possesses all the adequate skill and experience to fix any type of problem. What’s more, our use of only the finest and most advanced equipment mean that we can do so quickly and without burning a hole in your pocket. If your vehicle’s transmission needs repairing then don’t think twice, call the garage you can rely on today.

Four Signs That Your Transmission Needs Repair Work

For many Yakima drivers, the thought of their transmission failing fills them with dread. It doesn’t have to be that way. If diagnosed and repaired on time, our team at Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC can get your vehicle back to its best quickly. However, it is crucial that we receive the vehicle before too much damage has occurred. For that to happen you need to be vigilant for signs which may indicate your vehicle’s transmission has an issue. Four signs that you really can’t ignore are:

Slipping Transmission

Slipping can happen slowly and over time but, if ignored, can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. In essence, slipping is when your vehicle seems to slip from one gear to another without any real reason. This can leave your vehicle feeling underpowered and lacking sufficient acceleration.

Rough Gear Change

Again, this is a very obvious sign that your transmission needs to be fixed. If it feels as if your vehicle isn’t changing gears smoothly or if you notice a clunking noise when it does change gears then this is not good. In this case you will need to get the vehicle to us as soon as possible.

Slower Engagement

A slower engagement from a stationary position to drive is a clear sign that your vehicle needs a transmission repair. Another symptom to be aware of is if you press on the gas but it still takes a while for the car to move.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Fluid leaks are a bad sign. Transmission units are built to withstand any type of leaks so if this does occur then you know something is wrong. Transmission fluid is usually red or brown so if you notice that color fluid leaking from your vehicle then you need to get it to us immediately.