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Auto Paint

Are you a worried that the gloss from your motorcycle has reduced? Has the paint on your car chipped recently?

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Collision Repair

At Yakima Automotive & Collision, LLC we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and reliable collision repair service that motorists can trust.

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Dent Repair

Whether your car has been in a serious collision or has had a simple panel dent, it is imperative that you have the damage assessed and the dent repaired.

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Engine Repair

For your car to work properly, it’s crucial that your engine performs its function correctly as a faulty engine will lead to a faulty car.

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Power Steering Repair

Has your steering wheel started to make a strange, whining sound when your turn it? Is your power steering slower to respond than was previously the case?

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Transmission Repair

Whether your vehicle needs its transmission repaired or a completely rebuilt transaxle, we are the auto repair practitioners of choice for motorists.

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